Kids Club Bansko

Starting 10 December

For the youngest kids (0-7) we offer the Kids Club. A day program filled with creativity, discovery, outside play, free play, and for the little ones of course the needed quiet time. The Kids Club is open 7.30 -17.30. The Kids Club has a drop off option. This way, you can give your little ones the best care and an amazing time while you are skiing or doing your work. Additionally we offer a nanny service that is 24/7 available.


The kids will engage themselves in creative activities. We will do all kinds of fun arts projects, handcrafts tasks, music activities and dance fun. The kids will be able to get all their creativity out and bring their art works home.


In the afternoons the kids will participate in engaging discovery projects. They will discover all about the world around them through hands on activities, field trips, science experiments etc. The kids will work with animals, food, the Bulgarian culture, nature, science, etc. Every day will be a new discovery!

Outside fun

On a daily base we will take all the kids outside for some fun outside playtime. The complex area is gated and a safe place for the kids to play. We will envolve the kids in an outside game, and there is a small play area that the kids can enjoy. On snowy days we will of course make use of the opportunity and have snow fights, sleigh rides, or build a snowman.

Free play

The Kids Club features a fascinating and exciting inside play area in which the kids can enjoy themselves for hours on end. The kids have acces to the play area at all times, and are free to continue playing during other activities.

Baby fun

The play area has a separate baby zone specially designed for the babies, equipped with toys for different development stages. Here the smallest ones can be in the centre of the action and be part of all the fun, while staying safe from the playing children. The babies also have access to a special quiet space, where they can take a nap without being disturbed. Of course we will adapt the baby’s nap times to their existing schedules.

Quality care

The Kids Club offers quality care to all children.
Our passionate team is constantly connected with the children and acts according to their needs. Our quiet space is designed to give the children a safe and quiet environment where they can come to rest, and enables us to follow up the children’s personal napping schedules.
We serve the children healthy and balanced meals and have regular healthy snack and drink moments included in our schedule.

Nanny Service

We offer an additional nanny service 24/7.
This option can be used as an addition to the Kids Club or as a service by itself. The service is flexible in it’s hours and has the option to book last minute, provided there is availability.
The nanny can come to your apartment to care for your children in their trusted environment, based on your needs. The nanny will personalise the care to your children, so that your children will receive care in their own familiar way.

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